From Carvings to Classics

Signature Brisket

Texas Poppers

Double Burger

Sweet Chili Poppers


BBQ Dialed Up to 306

At our table, the heat's always on. Our Master smokers are flavor meisters, infusing each prime cut of beef and poultry with decades of finger-smoking goodness.

From Farm to Finger-Lickin'

Our staff takes great pride in serving you great tasting authentic Texas style dishes with true Southern hospitality.

As part of that process, we also control the ingredients' supply chain. Working closely with cattle and vegetable farms, we take meats to a new level of mouthwatering

So watcha waiting for? C'mon by y'all and see that the fuss is all about

Slow N' Steady

We believe there's no shortcut to a great cut of meat. Starting with the finest, most tender sides of beef available, we take the long route to yum.

That means 18 hours smoking with real hickory wood; slow, gentle reduction of our signature sauces; and meticulous hand selecting and prepping our fames side dishes.





455 New York 306
Monsey, NY, 10952



Sunday - Thursday: 1PM - 11:30AM
Friday - Saturday: Closed